Aqualicious Button

By : Baron
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Step 1
Start by making an image about the size of 100x50 pixels

Step 2
Now make your foreground color #43C5DC, and use the Reflected Gradient, a choice in your Gradient tool. Then click in the middle and pull up and release a little ways up to get a gradient kind of like:

Step 3
Right click on your layer and go to Blending Options, then apply these options:

Your image should now look something like this:

Step 4
Now create a new layer. Take your pen tool and change it from Shape Layers to Paths.

Step 5
Using your pen tool now make a selection so that it looks like this:

Step 6
Once done, change your pen tool to Convert Point Tool and choose the middle square on the selection and pull it so that it curves to look like this:

Step 7
Now using your tool you still have right click on any part of the lines that make up the selection you have created and choose "Make Selection".

Step 8
Now that you have the selection fill it with #FFFFFF (white) and change the layer opacity type to "Soft light" and the actual opacity to 50%.

Step 9
Now flatten image by going to Layer ->Flatten Image.

Step 10
Right click on your only layer and choose "Duplicate Layer".

Step 11
Now go to Filter-> Distort -> Ripple and change the setting to 500% on your new layer you created. Change the layer type to "Soft Light". Your image should now look like this:

Step 12
Flatten your layers again. Then  select the entire image and go to Edit -> Stroke and give it a 1px black stroke.

Step 13
Now the actual button part is done, you can add text, so go ahead and use one of our text tutorials or just create your own, here is what my final product looks like, enjoy!