Ninjas Mascot

By : Baron
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Ok you can use this tutorial to learn how to make a ninja head mascot. enjoy.

Step 1
Start a new document, its your choice what size you want, I did 400x400 pixels. Create a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer. Then take your Circular Marquee tool and make a circle taking up a good portion of your image space, depending on how big you want the head of the ninja.

Step 2
Fill the circle you have selected with the color black (#000000)

So far it should look like this:

Step 3
Keep that circle selected then switch to the rectangular marquee tool and change your marquee tool to "subtract from selection" it looks like this:

, once you have selected that pull it over the area selected until you have this:

Step 4
Once that is selected then make your foreground color #FFDCAE, then create a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer and fill the selection you should still have selected with your foreground color.

Step 5
Click on your Move Tool (You can press V to select it) and go to Edit -> Free Transform and grab the bottom middle square and size it down until it looks like this:

Step 6
Make a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer then take your Circular Marquee tool and create two circles in the tan area any size that you want the eyes, then fill it with white by making your foreground white and then going to Edit -> Fill -> And Press OK...Here is an example of what mine looks like:

Step 7
Now make smaller circles within those two circles and fill them with whatever color you want your ninjas eye color to be. I chose blue, then make 2 smaller circles within those circles to make the pupils, fill them with black. Check out what I have so far:

Step 8
Now you might want to give him a little shading so go back to your original layer where you have the big black circle, then hold CTRL and click the area specified on this image:

Step 9
The previous step should have selected the circle again, now what you want to do is click the Circular Marquee tool again and change it to "Subtract from Selection" again ( Shown Below )

and click and pull that marquee across till you have something like this left:

Step 10
Now while keeping that area selected change your foreground color to #262626 and fill that area with that color. It should look like this: