CSS Style Text

By : Baron
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Step 1
Create a new image or open the image you want to add text to.

Step 2
Now create your text, use any font you want, I used "Universal Jack", it can probably be found at Dafont.com.

Step 3
Before doing the style for the font you will want to create a texture, so right click and "Save As" this following image then open it in Photoshop and move on to step 4:

Step 4
Now you must turn that image into a texture so select the image and go to Edit ->Define Pattern and name it whatever you want then choose ok.

Step 5
Now right click on your text layer of your original image with the text and choose "Blending Options" then add these settings:

You can use whatever colors you want for the gradients, I used #939051 and #06C1FE

Step 6
Wait...there is no step 6, you are done! Enjoy... This is what I came up with: