Icon Creation - "On" and "Off" Icons

By : Baron
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Step 1
Create a 40x40 pixel image, then create a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer.

Step 2
Take your Elliptical Marquee tool (you can press M to select it) and make a circle selection somewhat smaller then the entire image.

Step 3
Make your foreground color some bright green, I used #86EE21.

Step 4
Choose your Gradient Tool and change its setting to "Radial Gradient" and click in the middle of the circle then pull out a little and let go to get something like this:

Step 5
Now right click your layer with your image on it and go to "Blending Options", then add these settings:

Step 6
Once done, now we will get to the logo in the middle, start by creating a new layer and go to your Elliptical Marquee tool.

Step 7
Make a selection that is a bit smaller then the image you made and center it up. Then change your Elliptical tool settings to "Subtract from Selection" and make a selection in the middle of the circle you already created but a bit smaller, it should look like this now Zoomed in:

Step 8
Now change to your Rectangular Marquee tool and choose "Subtract from Selection" Again and select the top half of the circle you created to cut it off and look something like this:

Step 9

Now take your Rectangular Marquee tool again and change the setting to "Add to Selection" and make a rectangle in the middle to look something like this:

Step 10
Select your fill tool and fill the selection you have now made with #505050.

Step 11

Right click your layer and go to Blending Options then use these settings:

Step 12
Now merge the two layers with images on them by clicking the top layer and go to Layer -> Merge Down.

Step 13

Your image should now look like this:

Step 14
Now to create the off button, select the entire image and copy it then create a new image and paste it to the new image.

Step 15
Now we will color it, hold down CTRL and click U this will bring up the color menu and use these settings:

Step 16
Now you have the On and Off icons, here is what we got:

Perfect for use on an XBox forums or whatever else you can think of!

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