Multi-Colored Signature

By : Baron
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Step 1
Create a signature, whatever size you want and add some brushes to it, then get a render or image to add a typical signature image to it.

Step 2
Create a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer and select the entire image, once done go to Edit -> Stroke and leave the stroke at 1px and black and then press ok. This will get the signature a black border. Now flatten the layers by going to Layer -> Flatten Image.

It should look something like:

Step 3

Now we get to the color, first start off by holding the CTRL button and pressing B, this will bring up a basic color changer, you will then use the three changers to change the actual color, move it around till you get something that you like.

I have this so far:

Step 4
This is where we get to the multi colors, select the entire image and copy it by holding CTRL button and pressing C, then hold CTRL button again and press V to paste it, now hold CTRL once again and press B to pull up the colors again and change the colors around to something different then what you had on the original image.

Step 5

Now take your your Lasso tool, which should be below your marquee tool and change the feathering (a selection located at below File / Edit / Image / Layer etc.) to something along the lines of 5px, you can vary it a little depending on how you want the image to look, now what you want to do is select different small areas of the image and click delete.

Your image should look something like this so far:

Step 6
Now repeat steps 4 and 5 until you get a signature with alot of varied colors, mine now looks like this:

Step 7
Now once you have done that, add some text, any kind you want. Then go to Filter -> Sharpen -> Sharpen.

Step 8
Now press CTRL and B again and change the colors just a little to get a little more color variation.

You are now complete, this is what I got:


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