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By : Baron
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Step 13
Now we need to add the links area, choose your Marquee tool again and change the fixed setting to 800 pixels wide by 40 pixels tall. Then select the area just below your logo. Keep the same colors you had already and choose your gradient tool keeping it the same settings as well and click just near the bottom of your selected area and pull to the top then release to create a nice dark gradient.

Step 14
We now need to add a border in between the logo and the link area. Start by creating a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer. Then make your foreground color #000000 (black) and use your Pencil tool to make a line along the top of the grey gradient you made for the link area. Then change your foreground color to #FFFFFF (white) and make a line all the way across your image again just below the black line you just made.

Step 15
Click on the layer you just created and added the lines to and change its layer style to "Soft Light". Your image should now look like this:

Step 16
Now to add the text, just use your text tool and click and add text, make sure your font is Arial at size 12pt and its style is set to "None", that is color #FFFFFF (white). Then right click on the text layer and go to "Blending Options" and add these settings:

Step 17
If you want, go ahead and add a copyright or more links to the bottom of your image where you added a grey layer earlier using the same options I told you in Step 16. Your image should now look similar to this:

Step 18

Change your foreground color to #CBCBCB and select your bottom most layer and choose your Paint Bucket Tool, then click in the white area of your image to make its background #CBCBCB, it should look like this now:

Step 19

We will now get to the Content areas! Choose your  Rounded Rectangular Tool (You can press U to get to it, it is one of your shape tools) and make a shape so that its color is #0C2968 so that your image looks like this:

Step 20

Make your foreground color #FFFFFF (white) and using your Rounded Rectangular Tool again make a shape in the same spot as before but a little smaller so your image now looks like this:

Step 21
Now add your text, and any little additions you want to get your final look, this is what I finished with:

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