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By : Baron
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Step 1
Start by creating a new image, the size of 800x600 and flatten the layer by going to Layer -> Flatten Image, to make sure all the layers are flatten.

Step 2
Choose your Rectangular Marquee Tool and click the drop-down box that shows up to choose "Fixed Size" and set it to 800x120 pixels.  Then select an area at the top of your image.

Step 3
Once this is done choose your Gradient tool and set it to Reflective Gradient, set your foreground color to: #11356A and your background color to: #1D59B2, then click in the middle of the selected are and pull up then release, so you have something like:

Step 4
Now search online, preferebly at for any gaming image that goes along with the theme you want for your site. I chose an AION render. Once you have chosen a render open it in photoshop then select it and copy and paste it into your layout image.

Step 5
Once you have added the render to your layout then size it down till it looks good on top of the gradient you created at the top. Then choose your Rectangular Marquee tool and select the area you selected earlier and go to Select -> Inverse and then hit your Delete button, this should delete the rest of the render so it is now only on the gradient. This is what I have so far:

Step 6
Now select the layer that you added the render to and change its layer style to "Soft Light", this will blend it into the background giving a nice effect.

Step 7
We will now get to the logo text, make your foreground color white and choose your text tool, add text, whatever kind of text you want to the opposite end of the image that you put your render.

Step 8
Once you have added text now right click on the text layer and go to "Blending Options", in blending options add these settings:

Step 9
Now right click on the layer again and choose "Duplicate Layer". Once it is duplicated select your newest layer that you created and go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur and set its Angle to -10 and its Distance to 88pixels.

Step 10
Now click on that layer and change its layer style to "Soft Light". You should have something like the following image, depending on what font you used:

Step 11

Create a new layer by going to Layer -> New -> Layer. Select your Rectangular Marquee tool again, keeping it the same fixed size but now select an area at the bottom of your image. Change your background color to #505050 and your foreground color to #3A3A3A.

Step 12
In the area selected with your marquee choose your Gradient tool, keeping the same settings you had and now click just above the selected area and pull down to the middle. Once done your image should look similar to this:


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