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Article Image Advanced Ninja Mascot
Baron, June 2, 2008 Web Graphics
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Learn to create a more unique and advanced ninja mascot, complementing one of our first tutorials talking about a simple way to make a ninja like the one we use on our site!

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Article Image Gamer Template
Baron, May 18, 2008 Web Layouts
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Learn using this tutorial, how to create a basic gamer template for your guild, clan, team, whatever you want to call it!

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Article Image CSS Style Text
Baron, May 18, 2008 Text Effects
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Create a text that looks like it would fit well with some of the common CSS web 2.0 style web sites that are popping up everywhere.

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Article Image Icon Creation - "On" and "Off" Icons
Baron, May 17, 2008 Web Graphics
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Learn to create nifty icons in my multi-part tutorial selections on how to create lots of great looking icons for your website, designs and whatever else you can think to use! - This tutorial teaches you how to make On and Off Icons

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Article Image Aqualicious Button
Baron, May 17, 2008 Buttons
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Learn to create an aqua type button with some neat effects to spice up your website or designs.